Sonntag, 21. August 2011

2onplateaus at work...

Here the last pictures of us together, because Doro is on holiday in Biarritz for the next 2 weeks.
I hope she send a lot of nice pictures from her adventure...
I miss her, though she´s only 2 days away.
But I wish her, and her family a lot of fun and sun!

2onplateaus Outfits
Grey Biker Jeans: Sisley
Shirt: Zara Basic
Shoes: Prada gold with black diamond coloured Swarovskis
Grey coloured bag: Divided 20 EUR

Dark skinny Jeans: True Religion Casey
Shirt: Zara Sale 4 EUR
Belt: it´s a checkered scarf from Zara-Men
Shoes: Zara

Bye bye bye

tschö tschö tschö


  1. I love the blog and both of your styles. I was following Doro for some time now. Keep up the awesome fashion. Looks like you girls are having a blast!


  2. you two are certainly a pair of styling hot mammas. love the look of fun on your faces. thanks for posting.


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