Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Black Bootie

Kunstlederhose: Benetton 3 years old
Imitation leather pants
Black Booties: COS 

Schlimmes Hüftleiden...

Bad hip pain...

Sehr cooles Jeanshemd: Divided H&M 25 EUR online in store
Very very cool jeanshirt

Baroque belt: D&G 

Watch: Rolex
Ring: Cartier LOVE

My photographer was my friend Inge, and she made it still great. We have fun and Inge rise in her job as the best photographer after Rankin and Helmut Newton.

Romantic top: Zara last year

My little Lotti is still ill, Nero too and Nana also. Only Luzi is healthy.
We have to cuddle them and give them medicine and LOVE.

Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

Yellow point

This lovely wonderful cool belt is from my friend Inge, just a loan, sniff sniff.
Golden bangles: all vintage.
Leather bracelets: H&M Divided, COS.
Watch: Rolex Air King, vintage.
Golden bracelet, vintage.

Boots: my feet of the summer, Zara summer-sale.

The lovely top is now in store at COS for 25 EUR. I love it, because it has an a-shaped cut lines, perfect for skinny jeans and large meals.

On this sunny October day I have a lot of fun and I was dancing on my terrace.

The golden chain is again the brass keyring, I have converted to a charm.

Oh, this pretty belt... 

These photos took my friend Nadine, because Doro is still on vacation in Austria, it is granted her.
But here in Cologne we have a golden October this year, every day is sunny and shiny light in the garden and pleasant temperatures.

Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

Griass Di From Austria

 Ich verbringe die Herbstferien mit meiner Familie in Kärnten/ Österreich. Das Wetter ist leider nicht so gut wie ich es mir gewünscht habe (hallo Winter), aber wir machen das Beste daraus, jeden Tag geht es ab in den Wald zum joggen und wandern. Beim Frühstück ziehe ich mir normale Klamotten an, aber danach trage ich fast nur Sportsachen...wir fahren Mountainbike, gehen joggen, wandern, machen Yoga und gehen in die Sauna. Ansonsten essen wir viel, also versuche ich nur ein Gleichgewicht zwischen den Kalorien und den Aktivitäten zu schaffen, ich sag nur Kaiserschmarrn ;) Hier sind ein Paar Bilder von unseren Ausflug heute, es war nicht so einfach wie ich dachte ;)

I´m spending the autumn vacation with my family in Carinthia / Austria. Unfortunately the weather is not as good as I wanted it to be (hello winter), but we make the most of it. Every day we go running or hiking in the near forrest. I´m wearing my normal clothes while having breakfast at the hotel, but after that I´m wearing my work out stuff almost all the time ... we go mountain biking, running, hiking, do some yoga, and go to the sauna. We also eat a lot so I´m just trying to balance the calories with all the activities, say Kaiserschmarrn ;) Here are some pictures from our forrest trip today, it was not as easy as I thought;)

Let´s go for a make-me-skinny run!!!

My new supadupa soft knee hights from H&M. Love them and got them in all the colors they got. Oh well, shopaholic on a mission!
 Say YES to Jane Fonda streching people!

Ignore the Kaiserschmarrn double chin and focus on the streching!

Ready for the woods...

Can you see the path? It´s almost invisible...I felt like Frodo on his way through the woods

Honey, there´s a deep deep river right in front of us...

Insert Hitchcock´s Psycho soundrtack here

Ooooh noooooo!

Peeing in my pants

  Caution! Wet and slippery!

I suervived so I´ll be back with some calorie burning lessons tomorrow!

Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

Leathertop & Flary

Jeans: New Yorker, Summer-sale
Belt: D&G, 3 years ago
Leathertop: Zara, summer-sale

Black rubber ribbon bracelet: COS, now on sale 6 EUR
Golden bracelet, vintage
Watch: Rolex 
Gold chain with shamrock: Pilgrim 
Gold chain with brass ring: that was a keyring

In the back I took the leathertop and the top underneath together with a black satin ribbon, because the leathertop is too large for me-but it´s a very nice eyecatcher.

In the back of the jeans is a part braided. It looks like Bottega Veneta, very luxury details, and this is from New Yorker sale 20 EUR-that´s the reason why you have to look for something special on sale. I love this jeans, it´s one of my favourites this autumn.

Poncho: Zara, last year
This year at Zara is a similar in beige and one in grey with cable stitch for 30 EUR now in store.

A bit bowlegged, you see I make Ballet.

This was fun. My photorapher was my friend Inge -she  made it funny, because Doro is on holiday in Austria. Have a good time Dori, and lots of yummy yummy Kaiserschmarrn and Wiener Schnitzel...
And a lot of photos of it, for us.

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