Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

Leathertop & Flary

Jeans: New Yorker, Summer-sale
Belt: D&G, 3 years ago
Leathertop: Zara, summer-sale

Black rubber ribbon bracelet: COS, now on sale 6 EUR
Golden bracelet, vintage
Watch: Rolex 
Gold chain with shamrock: Pilgrim 
Gold chain with brass ring: that was a keyring

In the back I took the leathertop and the top underneath together with a black satin ribbon, because the leathertop is too large for me-but it´s a very nice eyecatcher.

In the back of the jeans is a part braided. It looks like Bottega Veneta, very luxury details, and this is from New Yorker sale 20 EUR-that´s the reason why you have to look for something special on sale. I love this jeans, it´s one of my favourites this autumn.

Poncho: Zara, last year
This year at Zara is a similar in beige and one in grey with cable stitch for 30 EUR now in store.

A bit bowlegged, you see I make Ballet.

This was fun. My photorapher was my friend Inge -she  made it funny, because Doro is on holiday in Austria. Have a good time Dori, and lots of yummy yummy Kaiserschmarrn and Wiener Schnitzel...
And a lot of photos of it, for us.

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