Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

Love is in the air


 I´ve changed the location for my outfit posts, it´s green- green now

Oh... hai sun!!!

Hmmmm, I don´t know, all that green...isn´t it... too green?

Yes, way too green, I want my...

white wall! (*walks over to beloved white wall*)

Aaaaaah, so much better!
Feeling good!

Dancing and humming "Love is in the air...everywhere I look around..."

Ok Doro, STOP! 
It´s a serious blog here!

 Pffff, it is?

It is! Totally! 
...yeah, totally goofy!

Ok, ok. I wanted to share with you today´s sky over Cologne. 
Isn´t it pretty? It was so windy, the clouds were just flying by ;)

And here´s someone who attended today´s photoshoot.
I almost stepped on his house with my Pradas. 
But he survived, so no worries here!!! 

Sing: Love is in the air everywhere I look around,
Love is in the air every sight and every sound...

Vest: Zara, this season
Cardigan: Mango, this season
Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger, this season
T-Shirt: New Yorker, last winter, got it on sale for 1 EUR (what???)
Shoes: Prada, last winter
Bag: Lanvin for H&M
Belt: Hermes
Leg Warmers: Zara Kid´s, this season

Song: Love is in the air by John Paul Young 
Everybody sing!


  1. Lovely photoshoot!!! You are pretty!!! ;)

    Evi xoxo

  2. Du siehst so klasse aus ; und du bist ganz bestimmt ein total verruecktes huhn:) ! Ich liebe deinen style und wuerde alles so tragen! Bei mir steht heut mustermix auf dem programm..bin unterwegs nach france :)

  3. like your photos and outfit you look so happy =)

  4. du hast echt eine tolle figur!!! finde die weste und die schuhe geil!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!


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