Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

Yellow point

This lovely wonderful cool belt is from my friend Inge, just a loan, sniff sniff.
Golden bangles: all vintage.
Leather bracelets: H&M Divided, COS.
Watch: Rolex Air King, vintage.
Golden bracelet, vintage.

Boots: my feet of the summer, Zara summer-sale.

The lovely top is now in store at COS for 25 EUR. I love it, because it has an a-shaped cut lines, perfect for skinny jeans and large meals.

On this sunny October day I have a lot of fun and I was dancing on my terrace.

The golden chain is again the brass keyring, I have converted to a charm.

Oh, this pretty belt... 

These photos took my friend Nadine, because Doro is still on vacation in Austria, it is granted her.
But here in Cologne we have a golden October this year, every day is sunny and shiny light in the garden and pleasant temperatures.

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