Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

Leather, Fur & Jeans in black, white, grey

Fur collar: Zara, 80 EUR now in store, also available in black.

Black chain: COS
Top 3-coloured white grey black: COS sale 17,50 EUR

Black leather biker-jacket: Trend H&M 3-4 years old.
Glasses: Ray Ban, Jackie O. 125 EUR
Black Labrador: priceless...

Jeans: Marc by Marc Jacobs, I bought it on sale for ridiculous 30 EUR, because the size don´t fit for everybody. I never thought I buy me a Marc Jacobs, but for this price I granted me one.

Boots: COS, last year. This year almost the same, but with another heel, 175 EUR

My new haircut, a short bob.
I like it, it´s for the winter wardrobe, because of the high collar and the scarfs and turtleneck sweaters.
See you tomorrow. 
Bye bye bye
Tschö tschö tschö

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