Dienstag, 8. November 2011

Silver this and that

Today I had a really yumy breakfast, bread with "Grütze" (it´s home-cooked fruit pudding) on cottage cheese.
Then I took some pictures of my new cardigan from H&M (it´s from the Conscious Collection for Divided). Now in stores for 30 EUR.

But I had to change it a little I said it´s a cardigan...
I attatched two ribbons and now it´s like a wrap sweater.
Of course you can also just pin it with a brooch.

Grey shirt underneath: New Yorker with little stars all over the frontside.

In the back there is a lovely cut-out, that makes the sweater special.
And finally the colour, I hope you can see it in the pictures, it´s silver.

Cargo jeans pants: Divided H&M

In the background you can see my latest piece of art: a huge Chanel logo that I painted myself. It´s not finished yet but I´ll show you the result.

This year´s autumn decoration

Red onions with sand from Sylt, mixed with black sand and some leaves of a pink flower.
Plus a big dark brown candle in the middle.

Hope you liked my this and that post!

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  1. I love how you always put your only stamp on the clothing. Makes it unique :) xx


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